The Trager Experience

Imagine sinking into the support of a padded "massage" table in a comfortably warm room, covered with a light blanket. Chris's calming voice brings your awareness to your body experience. She settles her warm-velvet hands on your sholders and explores the natural range of motion there. Your feeling is of space in the joints, freedom in the movements, finding a rhythm that resonates throughout your body... Awakening... Connecting... Integrating.

Imagine learning to find this experience with simple movements that you do for yourself that mirror the movements that Chris does with you.

In several client's words:
"So relaxed I felt like a rag doll"
"My head floats up easily into good posture!"
"One part of me is not fighting against another part of me. I am at peace."

Watch a video on how Trager works to discover what to expect in a session!
Chris Trager Video
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Introduction to Trager

Trager is a school of movement education also known as somatic education. The name "Trager" honors it's originator Dr Milton Trager who lived from 1908-1997.

Trager is delivered in two forms: client initiated self care movements and practitioner initiated movements in the client's body (often referred to as tablework ). Both forms use the same quality of movement experience. This quality is physically rhythmic, gently within the available range of motion and incorporating the feelings of ease and lightness.

The practitioner uses her hands to create specific movement in the client's body. The intention of this movement is to create relaxation, release chronically held tension, to introduce new muscles coordination to the client's body, improving posture and rehabilitation from injuries and to increase body awareness. The client initiated movements are intended to extend the experience gained with the practitioner and to develop the skills to maintain the changes for themselves.

Chris Bruels has successfully used Trager to facilitate improvements for clients for over 20 years.

trager work

Contact Chris

Chris currently works out of the Circles Wellness Centre in Courtenay BC.
The centre is located at:

949 Fitzgerald Ave, Courtenay, BC V9N 2R6

Circles Wellness Centre

She can be reached by
Telephone at 250-897-6454