Dr. Milton Trager

This work is named to honour its originator, Dr. Milton Trager. His life spanned 1908 to 1987.
Milton Trager began using the quality of movement distinctive to his work during his late teen years, achieving immediate results. He sought training as a physical therapist and later as a medical doctor to give credibility to what he was able to accomplish in people, often people with issues that other medical procedures had not been able to solve. He specialized in rehabilitation of paralysis and a clinic was established for him to work with polio survivors during his physician training.

Chris had the good fortune to be trained by Dr. Trager on three occasions. Her initial and lasting impression of him was his ability to relate to each person. Chris is sure that every student in that class felt special to him just as she did.
Dr. Trager did not believe that he was a healer or a guru. His suggestion to Chris to remember the work he had just completed on her jaw was "This old guy, Milt, came over and moved my jaw, just like this...". Chris recalls "huge velvet soft hands embracing my jaw and knowing how to move my jaw, letting my muscles know that I could really let them go".

Dr. Trager was an entertainer and he often had everyone laughing.