Trager Benefits

Trager May be beneficial for clients experiencing the following:

Chronic Stress / Inability to relax

- poor sleep patterns
- tension headaches
- irritable bowel syndrome

Trager calms the nervous system and reintroduces the feeling of what it feels like to be deeply relaxed. The client then has a reference for relaxation, which they can easily remember after the session.

Movement and posture issues

- poor posture
- restrictive movement patterns
- athletic performance

Trager movements are created in one segment of the client's body with the intention to reverberate into the rest of the body. This kinaesthetic modelling retrains the neuromuscular system to be more efficient, move with coordination and erect posture.

Recovery from musculoskeletal injuries

- surgery
- breaks
- motor vehicle accidents

Trager movements eases off the compensation patterns developed to protect the injury and help reintegrate the healing area into everyday movement.

Body image issues

- distortions of body image or sense of where the body is in space
- dissociation including as a result of sexual or physical abuse

Trager reintroduces respectful touch and that it is safe for the client to be aware of their body.