The Trager Organisation

Dr Milton Trager's work did not come to the attention of the emerging alternative health scene until the late 1970's. A dynamo named Betty Fuller began organizing classes for Dr. Trager to teach in California. Soon, she became the motivator for creating an organization to oversee the training in Dr. Trager's work. First the Trager Institute and then, the reorganized Trager International sustains this work.

There are now 12 national associations in North America and Europe with members in over 20 countries. Each national association serves their members and contributes to Trager International. The minimum training program is consistent throughout the world with instructors travelling to the locations that the students have gathered

Chris is a member of to Trager Canada. This organisation monitors her continuing education and issues an annual license to practise as a Trager Practitioner. Trager Canada has established an ethical process should a client not be able to resolve any issues with Chris directly. Trager Canada can be contacted at