What to Expect in a Trager Session

Chris works in a private office equipped with a padded "massage" table.

Initial Session
The initial session begins with a client history, both a written form and verbally elaborated.
Chris spends time to explain how she works and how it is effective.
A movement is taught to the client that can become part of their self-care tools.
During the table work portion of the session, the client has the option to wear loose fitting street clothes or to undress to the layer of their underwear. Chris initiates movement in the client's body using her hands. Movement is initiated throughout the client's body; neck, legs, arms and torso. Once a client is up and dressed, payment and rebooking are done.
The initial session takes 2 hours,

Subsequent Sessions
Subsequent sessions take 1.5 hours.
Chris begins with enquiring about the effects of Trager in the client's life since the last session.
A new movement is taught to develop the client's repertoire of tools that can be used on their own.
The table work portion of the session adapts from the responses to the previous sessions.
Booking the next session and payment happen at the end of the session.

trager room trager room 2

Number of sessions
Each client has an individual pattern of sessions.
Chris recommends and initial series of 3 sessions, 1 week apart. By the end of this series, it is usually evident how effective Trager is for this specific client. Depending on how well the effects are being maintained between sessions, Chris may recommend more sessions on a weekly basis or more sessions in an expanding spacing pattern.
The goal is to have another Trager session just before the client's body returns to the old habit of muscle coordination. Once the Trager muscle coordination becomes the client's norm, the client's issue will be resolved.

Some clients book on a regular monthly schedule as a treat for themselves!