On her first introduction to Trager® in 1984, Chris Bruels recognized a deep resonance with this bodywork. Trager embodies honoring people and how to create change that continues to inspire and challenge her.

Image of Chris Bruels

Chris Bruels is the only Trager practitioner fully trained and certified with Trager Canada on North Vancouver Island.

In addition to her Trager practitioner work with individual clients, Chris is specifically trained to work with Trager students and practitioners; supporting the development of the student's quality of work, assesses students for their practitioner status and mentors practitioners for their ongoing continuing education requirements. She is currently in training to become an Instructor of the professional training program.

Chris Bruels embodies respect through her compassionate listening, to words and body tissues, and finding the quality of contact and movement that fully supports her client’s wellbeing.

546 Pritchard Road, Comox, BC

250-897-6454       info@chrisbruels.ca